Indian Antiques from a privet collector in Japan
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Indian Antiques from a privet collector in Japan

H0KKAIDO, Japan Published date: May 16, 2016


Buy Indian Antiques from a privet collector in Japan.

Ofer Shagan has built up his collection by acquiring many existing older collections, insisting never to include items that were collected recently. As former antique dealer he has worked to bring to the world the finest works of many cultures, while preserving traditional cultural sites and allowing tribal art to remain in its native environment.
Ofer Shagan has written and published five books in Japanese about his collection, including Tounar Ajia Bijutsu to Rekishi (South East Asian Art and History;2000) and Madumi Tai no Kasuri (Thai-Mudmee Textiles with Figures; 1998),as well as more then 300 articles in various fine art and antique magazines.


The items appearing on this site are all from the Shagan Collection.
The Shagan Collection, owned by Mr. Ofer Shagan, comprises several very important collections of different types of Asian art, which have been exhibited in various countries. Mr. Shagan is the author of a number of books, mainly in the Japanese language -- please see the links below.
This site displays items from Mr. Shagan's collection of Indian art, which he purchased in 1989. Previously, they formed part of a collection that had been assembled by a Japanese collector during the 1920s to 1940s.
The purpose of this site is to help finance Mr. Shagan's effort to continue building up his extensive collection of Japanese erotic art, which at this time is his principal interest.
All items appearing on this site are guaranteed to be original. As well, all statements on this site concerning such items and their condition are guaranteed accurate.
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      Indian Antiques from a privet collector in Japan

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      H0KKAIDO, Japan


      Published date: May 16, 2016

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