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Tampa, Florida, United States Published date: September 24, 2015


3B Global specializes in the distribution of FDA listed medical devices, specifically for home use.
Medical Device product versus Same Generic Product: Being listed as a medical device is a big deal, here in the United States you are not allowed to sell a listed medical device unless it have proof that it does what it says it can do. With the same type of generic product there are no standards they have to follow or proof that they work.
3B Global only develops, supports, and markets medical devices that follow the company's most important rules:
1) Every medical device is the leader within its field, offering the user with the most effective treatment.
2) Our company makes claims that are consistently backed up by research and clinical data.
3) Each medical device is manufactured with the highest quality and offered at the best price making it affordable for the user.

3B Global spends considerable funding on research and development to ensure that every innovative medical device passes rigorous internal controls before being presented to the market place. In addition, every medical device must pass rigorous international quality controls.
3B Global implements its own quality control policies, allowing our customers to trust our medical devices to be the best in the industry.
3B Global is truly dedicated to bring each and every customer, the home user, the newest and latest in development of health devices from around the world. Our mission is to provide the most current and advanced Light and Laser therapy devices that are clinically proven, at affordable prices.Our team of doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are all dedicated to providing our customers, real-time service, and the highest quality in medical devices.

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      3B Global

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      Tampa, Florida, United States

      Teri B

      Published date: September 24, 2015

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