Talc Powder Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter by Ashirwad Minerals
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Talc Powder Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter by Ashirwad Minerals

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India Published date: April 26, 2019


At Ashirwad Minerals, we emphasize on manufacturing high quality talc. For this reason our processing is very much specific and quality oriented that leads to customer satisfaction. The whole process of production needs proper attention on the technology used and also on the safety measures involved during the manufacturing. We are Supplier of Talc Powder in India and one of the leading Soapstone powder Manufacturer in India.
Talc is an important industrial mineral. Its resistance to heat, electricity and acids make it an ideal surface for lab counter tops and electrical switchboards. Talcum powder is also an important filler material for paints, rubber and insecticides. Even with all these uses, most people only know talc as the primary ingredient in talcum powder. If you are looking for Talc Powder Exporter in India and Talc Powder Supplier in India, then you are at right place, Contact us for more information.
Paint Soapstone Powder
Chemical formula for Soapstone powder is H2Mg3(SiO3)4 (Magnesium Silicate), which means 4.8% H2O; 31.7% MgO and 63.5% SiO2. Formed by the hydrothermal actions and metamorphism of magnesium rich rocks like dolomite, pyroxenite, amphibolite, seerpentine, dunite and chlorite. In pulverized form it is white in appearance. soapstone powder is also known as steatite or soapstone. We provide Talc powder for paint industry and Talc Powder for Plastic Industry in India.
Also called Soapstone powder probably due to its soapy touch and feel. French-chalk is the trade name of pulverized soapstone powder of pure white quality which is used as base for many cosmetics and toilet preparations. Talcum powder is used for its extreme softness, smoothness, shine and high lubricating and hiding power and ability to absorb oil and grease. It is chemically inert. It has low electrical and thermal conductivity. Above all it can be easily powdered, cut and sawn. These properties in talc are of extreme value. Found in three forms, fibrous, non-fibrous and massive.
Ashirwad Minerals is one of the best Supplier of Talc for Paper in variety of range at affordable price. Our manufacturing facilities are located in highly strategic region in view of availability of raw material, skilled workforce and logistics which enables us to maintain low infrastructural and supply chain costs and maintain a high grade of quality of our products, thus making us more competitive.

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      Talc Powder Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter by Ashirwad Minerals

      5000.00 INR ₹
      Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


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      Published date: April 26, 2019

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