Chairperson Disciplinary Hearings
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Chairperson Disciplinary Hearings

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa Published date: May 28, 2016


Does your business need an independent chairperson to preside over a disciplinary hearing? I have 25 years' experience in the legal profession (BA LLB LLM) and have acted as chairperson, ccma commissioner, and arbitrator in many disciplinary hearings and misconduct arbitrations. No matter how small or how complex the matter, I will be able to assist you as chairperson and can conduct hearings in English and Afrikaans. Many of the cases I have chaired have been large, complex matters involving fraud, corruption, tender irregularities and sexual assault. I will conduct a fair hearing in compliance with labour laws, digitally record the hearing, avoid unnecessary delays and deliver a comprehensive written finding addressing all arguments and evidence with reference to applicable legislation and case law. I am available at negotiated and reasonable daily rates and service all areas in the Western Cape.

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    Chairperson Disciplinary Hearings

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    Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


    Published date: May 28, 2016

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