Clothes factory contractor LEGPROMUA LLC
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Clothes factory contractor LEGPROMUA LLC

Киев, Киевская область, Ukraine Published date: April 7, 2018


Clothes factory contractor LEGPROMUA LLC, Ukraine. We can execute orders with a give-and-take raw materials and provide full services package. (CMT and full garment basis). We produce high-quality production of various assortment: blouses, shirt, t-shirts, polo, dresses, trousers, coats, jackets, sport wear. Our production is exported in EU countries like: Germany, Denmark, Netherland, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Our manufacturing facilities are located on the territory of Ukraine. The total number of employees at the enterprise including the partner workshops is more than 800 people, the production area is approximately 5000 m². All production workshops are equipped with high-tech machinery, according to their function, from leading sewing equipment suppliers: PFAFF, DURKOPP ADLER, JUKI, PEGASUS, RIMOLDI, KANSAI, ROTONDI, GERBER.

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    Clothes factory contractor LEGPROMUA LLC

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    Киев, Киевская область, Ukraine


    Published date: April 7, 2018

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